RIMFROST® x Pink Boneyard

RIMFROST® x Pink Boneyard

It’s finally here! This collab is something we have been working on for some time. The design prosess has been super fun and the finall designs is just a sick moshup of what both we and Pink Boneyard stand for. Simple clean lines, crisp prints and ofc some bones! 

Check out the Pink Boneyard on instagram.

In this release we are dropping the first collage jacket since 2013 and that time we just gave it away. If you remember tht, THANK YOU for staying around! 10 years later it’s really the time for a new one. 

The classic jacket is 100% HEAVY cotton. With that making it to be a mix of sweater and jacket. Been wearing one of them and can tell you it’s amazing! 

All items are limited! 

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