RIMFROST® is an independent streetwear company that humbly began in the screen printing studio at Strykejernet art school on Grünerløkka, Oslo. 

With just 1000,- NOK and a vision on making streetwear based on tattoos and urban lifestyle in the north, delivering quality clothing made as close to Norway as possible we released our first collection on April 1st 2012

In the summer of 2020 we opened our first brand store at Grünerløkka in the street, Rathkes Gate witch is a street blooming of small independent stores and companies. Find our brand store here ⭢

Photo: Fabian Framdal Fjeldvik

As a passion RIMFROST® is a full-out DIY company. We make most of our work in-house. This be design, print, photos, webdesign and marketing. 

The clothing line contains of tees, sweaters, hoodies, shirts, jackets, bottoms, headwear and accessories for both men and women.

Most of our clothes are made in Poland, and we still screen print parts of our drops ourself here in Norway in a DIY screen printing studio in Svelvik.

The brand name 

RIMFROST® can translate to English as "Hoarfrost" and is a phenomenon that occurs in Norway every fall and sometimes late spring.

When we were looking for a name, we wanted something that could be a Norwegian black metal band, but at the same time gave us the feeling of a cold environment.

Our logo is formed after the look of norse runes with the inspiration of an ice crystal. 

RIMFROST never stays for long, the same is with our collections. They are limited and when they are gone - they will never come back in the same shape.