RIMFROST® - Welcome - The blog

Welcome - The blog

From 2021 we are going back to the good old way of giving out info about the everyday life of RIMFROST® with an online blog. 

We will still keep up the newsletter and online posting, this space will be an extra deep dive in to the brand and what is going on, what are our plans for the upcoming time and how it's all tied together.

Just now our brand store is closed by the government due to the Covid-19 pandemic and we are sorry we can not be able to be open.
At the same time, this has given us the chance to work even harder on the 9 Year collection that will drop April 1st 2021

As always we will hold a big sale to celebrate, but this year we are doing this as a 9 day full sale - That will start March 23rd

So, stay tuned and follow this space for updates.
Best wishes in this strange stay-at-home times

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